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Counselling & Psychotherapy. Counselling Newcastle and Consett

Counselling & Psychotherapy in Newcastle and Consett

Counselling can be a great support to people for many different reasons and can really help with self acceptance and improve peoples relationship with them selves and others. Sitting with the heavy burden of secrets, thoughts and feelings that people would rather avoid can leave people feeling sad and lonely. When 'negative' feelings are continually denied they can begin to build and therefore feels more unmanageable than ever before resulting in anxiety. This is where we can help whether it is for a short term or on a longer basis we are here to support you.

Short term can be 8 sessions plus where long term can be whatever you want/need it to be. Unlike a GP counselling service there is no fixed end date but we understand for financial and time restraints we may need to look at your individual needs. Counselling sessions are usually carried out on a weekly basis at the beginning of your therapy and then sessions can be reduced to a fortnightly and even monthly basis but we work on an individual basis rather being rigid in our approach.

Being able to offload and share the burden with someone else can help you to find your own answers and gain some effective therapeutic techniques.

Emotional Support: People are able to work through their difficulties and talk through their fears & anxieties with a qualified therapist who is gentle, empathetic and caring. Receiving emotional support can help people increase their ability to care for themselves.

Individual Therapy: A counsellor and a client work on a one-to-one basis where the client can feel safe, heard and understood whilst exploring their personal development and creating adjustments to their life.

Telephone Counselling: Our therapeutic services are performed over the telephone for the convenience of the client. People who are homebound may benefit from this service.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: CBT focuses on the connection between thoughts, feelings and behaviour. CBT can help people to manage their problems by exploring how they think thus change their behaviour over time. Anxiety and depression sufferers can especially benefit from CBT.

Impartial Confidant: People can often need an impartial person (therapist) to listen to them when they feel they need to offload their thoughts, feelings and concerns of a private matter. People want to do this without the worry of being judged or burdening others. People can seek the reassurance that what they share will not be repeated and that they can trust the person who they are talking to.

Psychotherapy: People can work with a trained Psychotherapist discussing their emotional difficulties in an in-depth manner and overcome problems. Psychotherapy and counselling are similar but psychotherapy tends to focus more on your past, childhood and your subconscious. Psychotherapy like counselling can help you to better understand yourself and what has brought you to where you are in your life and the difficulties you face.

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