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Emotional Distress

When a person is suffering from emotional distress they can feel they need to 'Be Strong' and not 'Burden others'.

People can be great at helping their friends, family and even strangers but the care and attention sometimes does not transcend to themselves.

When people talk in a way that feeds the story of 'they should have got over their grief and sadness by now' and should be able to cope
they apply added pressure to themselves. Due to being unable to accept the fact they are still struggling they can feel others would
not understand or judge them leading people to keep their distress to themselves and pretending or avoiding people and situations.
We can help people to allow themselves to feel their feelings in a safe caring space. We can look at peoples authentic thoughts and feelings and look at what they need.

Below are some of the issues we work with that we have explained more in depth:

Abortion: Some women can suffer from feelings of intense sadness, loss, regret, shame and guilt after having an abortion and often need a safe space they can talk without feeling judged.

Bereavement/Grief/Loss: The death of a someone you love is one of the greatest losses that can occur. Grief is a normal, healthy response to loss and can be experienced in several ways such as:

Mentally: anger, guilt, anxiety, sadness, and despair.
Physically: sleeping problems, changes in appetite, physical problems, or illness.
Socially: anxious feelings about seeing family or friends or returning to work.

Grief may be described as the presence of physical problems, constant thoughts of the person who died, guilt, hostility and a change in the way one normally acts.

Depression: Depression is a mood disorder that can persist for weeks or months at a time affecting how you feel, think and behave. Symptoms can be Psychological, Physical and Social.

Psychological symptom: Examples- feeling hopeless, helpless and/or having no motivation or interest in things.
Physical symptom: Examples- change in appetite or weight and/or disturbed sleep.
Social symptom: Examples- taking part in fewer social activities and/or avoiding contact with friends.

Low Self Confidence & Low Self Esteem: Under confident people can often set unrealistic goals and set themselves up for failure. Confident people set realistic goals, learn useful skills and undertake tasks to get to where they want to be.

Confidence is linked with the external world and how others see us; how we present ourselves and what we achieve.

Self-esteem, however, is more about our own relationship with ourselves and how we feel deep down about who we are.

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